Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Friday the 18th of September, and all is quiet on the home front. Life is never dull here, Mikaya, looked at me on Sunday the 13th, her 18 month birthday and said "Nama"! Then on Monday she said "sucka (sucker)". Everyday she is adding new words and learning new things. We have to find her some wooden puzzles to work. Her problem solving skills are out of this world! On a quilty note, kind of, I am making a purse with 3 compartments. It is slow going, as I can only work on it in the mornings when DD is home to watch the baby. The sewing machine is in the basement and my are there so many things that Mikaya can get into that she shouldn't! :-) I have a color quilt in the works, an altered sweatshirt with cats on it and numerous other projects that need to be done. I am going to try and get something finished that I have started a while ago. hmmmmmmm I wonder which of the many I should work on???
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Have a great weekend.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Isn't it funny one can go forever and not have anything new or exciting to blog about and here I have two in one day!!! DS and I just returned from a road trip and we both got a dose of CA traffic! We drove north from Ukiah to Willits and then west from Willits to Fort Bragg and then up CA Hwy 1 to Leggett & CA 101 then back down to Ukiah. A total trip of about 200 miles! However 101 North of Santa Rosa is sporadic divided highway, and the 20 from Willits to Fort Bragg and the 1 into Leggett are all 2 laners if you want to call them that! I, the one from S. Cal, didn't realize that the northern mountains of this state are straight up and striaght down! The round trip from Willits was just that all 2 lane, and all twisty curvey mountain roads. Now if I had been driving........................ Thank you Ben for driving! Upon arriving back in Willits there was a typical California traffice jam! 2 miles out from the first stop light in Willits the cars were backed up and slowly inching forward. Willits have 5 stop lights!!!!! geesh - sigh Tomorrow is Ben's interview and then we hit the return road. Such a quick trip. Oh yes, we did stop at a winery, and of all the thousands of wineries in the Napa/Sonoma valley we stopped at the Cohn Winery, I think, thta was formerly owned by the Dobby Brothers! Now how weird is that? sigh bought two bottles of wine for DD#1 and none for me.
I am sitting here in a motel room in Ukiah, CA. Ben, my son, has decided to interview here for a job. Relocating from Wyoming to Northern California will be quite the experience for him. At 26 he's "running away" from home! My! What will I do with him so far away?